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Right Now - Madrid 11/7

Jay’s Wedding - 20.07.14


Harry leaving the WMG and GQ Summer Party at Shoreditch House, London
July 17th, 2014 


Anonymous said: We do care, Sweetheart, we care sooo much. I went through a point where I thought I had lost interest in the boys too, not fun, but they sucked me right back in haha. If they still make you happy then I'm sure that will be the case with you too, but if you're ready to move on then that's totally understandable. Don't ever feel like we don't love you, k? It makes me smile big whenever I see you're on & posting so I know you're okay, just didn't want to creep you out by checking on you, haha 😘😘

You are so so so so sweet. Thank you soo much! It’s hard because I’ll always love the boys. Always, but it’s certain types of fans and the media making One Direction something that it shouldn’t be that are turning me away, so if I do decide to kind of distance myself from social media for good, it won’t be because of the boys, but it’ll be because of the media and certain fans. I’m just a little bit over it. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, thank you for the messages, don’t worry about creeping me out haha, that’s basically impossible. I hope you (and anyone else reading this) have an amazing day! xx